Investors Information

Number of Securities in Issue

The number of ordinary shares in issue is 91,095,469. Insofar as the Company is aware, the percentage of securities that is not in public hands is 57.54%, these being held by directors, their families and significant shareholders.

A list of Directors & Major Shareholders and the percentage of their holdings is set out below:


Name No. of Ordinary Shares held Percentage of issued share capital
Charles Dorfman* 5,870,027 6.44%
Adam Kaye 5,499,956 5.98%
Paul Wise ** 2,956,752 3.25%
Michael Rosehill*** 218,710 0.24%
Alex Scrimgeour 119,355 0.13%
Philip Jacobson 116,336 0.13%
Elizabeth Lake 10,000 0.01%

* Of the 5,870,027 Ordinary Shares Mr Dorfman is interested in, 3,592,565 Ordinary Shares are held by the Lloyd Dorfman Children's Settlement. Mr Dorfman is one of the potential beneficiaries of the Lloyd Dorfman Children's Settlement.

** held by Paul Wise and his persons closely associated.

*** Mr Rosehill is a director of Blue Coast Private Equity L.P. Mr Rosehill therefore also has an indirect interest in the shareholding of Blue Coast Private Equity L.P as set out below.

Major shareholders

So far as the Company is aware, apart from directors, the following persons are interested in 3% or more of the Company's issued share capital.

Name Percentage of issued share capital
Blue Coast Private Equity L.P.* 19.00%
BlackRock Inc. 13.11%
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. 10.97%
Samuel Kaye** 5.2%
BennBridge Ltd 5.13%
BGF Investment Management Limited 3.29%
Philip Kaye*** 2.71%

* Disclosed in the Company’s RNS dated 08 April 2020

** Disclosed in the Company’s RNS dated 30 April 2020

*** Disclosed in Shareholder analysis dated 30 September 2020

Note: unless otherwise stated, the shareholding figures set out above have been extracted from notifications of major holdings (TR-1 forms) received from shareholders and subsequently announced to the market by the Company and PDMR/PCA dealing announcements where relevant. Readers should note that, in accordance with certain exemptions to the Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules, qualifying entities are only required to submit TR-1 forms to the Company when their holding reaches, or falls below, 5% intervals.

The numbers and shareholdings on this page were updated on 15 January 2021.