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Information updated as at 22 March 2024.

The Company is a leading independent cinema group in the UK. The Company as at March 2024 operated 45 cinemas, with 155 screens following the opening of new venues in Bath, Cheltenham and Bury St Edmunds. The business model of the Company is to further build its portfolio of venues whilst successfully growing its existing estate by bringing together great food, drink, atmosphere, service and of course film, to create exceptional experiences for its customers.

The Everyman brand is positioned at the premium end of the UK leisure/cinema market. The Company’s proposition is based on high quality and unique venues in central high street locations. The Group seeks to differentiate itself by focusing on delivering a high-quality offering through its venues, content, staff and food and beverage.

The Directors believe that the opportunities to develop new Everyman venues both across the UK and more widely are significant. New venues can be part of a large new developer-led complex, the refurbishment of an old existing traditional cinema or conversion of small existing spaces.

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